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Garbage Disposal Repairs

Garbage Disposal Repairs Aurora CO | Centennial CO | Kitchen Appliance Repair

When your garbage disposal stops working properly it can leave you with a real mess on your hands.

Trust the Licensed and Bonded technicians at Alpha Appliance Service to give you courteous and immediate repairs, in-home service. We repair and replace all brands and models of garbage disposal and offer evening and Saturday repairs for no additional charge.

Garbage Disposal Tips

Garbage Disposal Repairs Aurora CO | Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Use your garbage disposal often to eliminate waste buildup under your sink.
  • Daily electricity usage of a garbage disposal unit is small, about that of running an electric iron, but for a much shorter amount of time.
  • Daily water use varies, but is usually comparable to flushing a toilet once or twice/day.
  • Cold water should always be kept running while the garbage disposal is in use.
  • Be careful what you feed into your garbage disposal unit. Hard matter such as chicken bones can wedge themselves in preventing normal use of the unit.

Need An Appointment?

Call us at (303) 690-1806 or get started Online

Need An Appointment?

Call us at (303) 690-1806 or get started Online